Why you should keep your dog’s nails trimmed

Trimming Your Dogs Nails

Trimming your dog's nails is an essential part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. Long nails can be uncomfortable for your dog and lead to pain, stress and unnecessary health problems. However, all of that can be avoided by making sure your dog's nails get trimmed regularly as part of your normal dog grooming routine.

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Why keep a dog's nails trimmed?

For the health of your dog, it is best to make sure that nails are kept short. Dogs spending a lot of time outside on concrete or asphalt often have naturally short nails due to the trimming effect of running up and down on a slightly abrasive surface. However, relying on this method of keeping your dog's nails naturally trimmed might not be a good idea. If a dog spends too much time running up and down on this type of surface, then it can lead to the wearing away of the dog's pads. This can lead to lots of health complications for the dog, especially if it becomes infected.

With more and more dogs living in suburban and urban homes, it is more likely that dogs spend the majority of their time on soft surfaces such as lawns or carpets. This means that a dog's nails are not getting naturally trimmed.

Long nails for a dog can be super uncomfortable, especially when nails are so long they are always touching the ground. This can put an enormous amount of pressure on the pad, nail bed and toe area. It can lead to splayed paws, discomfort and even severe pain if nails continue to be left untrimmed. Eventually, long nails can even change the alignment of your dog's joints – making it difficult for them to walk, run and play.

In some cases, the only way to help a dog whose nails are too long is to take them to the vet. As we all know, a trip to the vet's office can be extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Of course, there are other side effects of a dog having nails which are too long, including scuffed-up wood flooring and the annoying clickety-clack on hard-wood flooring as your dog walks around the house. If your dog likes to scratch things, then long nails will make what would be little scratches into deep indentations. So keep those nails trimmed!

What is the quick of a nail?

The quick of the nail is at the centre of a dog's nail. The quick is very sensitive for dogs as it contains blood vessels and nerves which means it is extremely painful for your dog if their quick is cut. Cutting the quick can also cause excessive bleeding. If your dog has translucent nails, you should be able to locate the quick by holding their paw up to the light, the quick will appear as though it is another nail inside of your dog's nail. If your dog has dark nails, looking underneath the nail may help you to locate the quick.

If the quick has become overgrown to the edge of your dog's nail, preventing you from being able to cut the nail without touching the quick, it is advisable to take your pet to a vet. For this reason, regular grooming is recommended as keeping your dog's nails short helps to keep the quick short also.

What is the quick of a nail?

How to trim a dog's nails

Dog's nails can be trimmed in a variety of ways, whether at home or by professional dog groomers. One of the main reasons why a dog's nails are left to get too long is because owners are scared of hurting their dog whilst they cut their pet's nails. It can be extremely difficult to get your dog into a suitable position where you can cut their nails safely.

If a dog isn't used to having their nails cut, then they can become aggressive with their owner or try to run off - this can result in injury to you or your dog. This is why it is best to get dogs used to having their nail's trimmed from when they are a puppy so that they will not be scared of nail clippers or try to get away from you when you're trying to trim their nails.

Taking your dog to the groomer

If you've never clicked your dog's nails before, then it can be a daunting task. So that's where professional dog groomers and dog grooming technicians can come in a save the day!

Not only will you save yourself the time and stress of clipping your dog's nails, but it will also be a much less stressful experience for your dog to have their nails trimmed by a professional who knows what they are doing and has the correct tools for the job.