The benefits of dog grooming

Benefits of dog grooming

Keeping your dog looking neat and tidy is something that most dog owners try to do. A clean and happy dog is a pleasure to have around the house, but it is all too easy to forget about regular dog grooming. Here, we will take a look at some of the top benefits of regular dog grooming so that your dog can always look and feel their best.

Maintain breed characteristics

Some dogs have very striking looks that owners love to cultivate. For example, you may wish for your poodle to be groomed in a certain way. Maintaining the look of your dog is a great benefit of keeping them well groomed . Not only this, but their coats will be glossy and healthy looking by encouraging fresh hair growth.

breed characteristics

Detect skin issues

Dogs can have skin issues like any other animal, such as sensitive, itchy or flaky skin. Regular grooming will mean that you or your groomer will be able to detect if there are any existing skin issues or any that show up unexpected. This could easily point to something as simple as your dog needing a change in diet or the products you use to groom them, giving you the information you need to remedy the situation.

Detect skin issues

Find fleas & Ticks

Speaking of issues that you might not easily spot, regular grooming can also detect the presence of fleas, ticks and other unwelcome visitors. Your dog may not be scratching, so regular grooming can help you to find these. While grooming itself won’t keep your dog from catching fleas from other pooches, combining good hygiene with regular flea and tick treatments will help

Fleas and Ticks

Dog Grooming to Deal with knotted and matted fur

Knotted fur can mean real discomfort for your dog, especially if they have longer fur or frequently play outside in muddy or otherwise dirty areas. Getting your dog groomed professionally or regularly brushing them yourself will help to work out knots and matted areas of fur so that this doesn’t result in having to cut away parts of their fur.

Knotted and matted fur

Fight infections

Missing out on regular dog grooming could lead to health issues that you might not expect. For example, leaving your dog’s ears without cleaning them could result in ear infections that might lead to vet bills in the future, as well as a very unhappy pup. It's better to be proactive in keeping an eye on any potential issues rather than reactive once they appear.

Cleaning a dogs ears

Create bonding opportunities

Grooming your pet yourself can create a wonderful bonding opportunity. Even if you usually get your pet professionally groomed, brushing them gently every few days can help to increase the trust between you. It can also make them more trusting when it comes time for them to go to a professional for a more thorough grooming experience.

Grooming your dog

Keeping them happy in all seasons

Many dogs shed their excess fur naturally, but some breeds cannot do this. Breeds such as cockapoos do not shed their coats, which means that their fur can grow thick and long quite quickly. This can make them feel quite uncomfortable, especially in the summertime when heat strikes. Keeping their fur shorter and more manageable can keep them from overheating. However, don’t think you should cancel their regular grooms come the winter months; it's easy for snow to clump in long fur, which can cause health issues for dogs. Keeping them trimmed is the best way to avoid this.

Happy Dog

There are so many great reasons to have your dog professionally groomed regularly, from keeping them looking amazing to detecting issues with their skin, and stopping the spread of fleas. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than seeing your dog looking fresh and happy!